Day 2 of SHOT Show wasn’t even a blip less exciting than day one was.

My current feeling about all the gear I’ve seen at SHOT Show 2022. Also, a cool space inside the Venetian Hotel. (Author photo)

Day 2 brought me to rooms that I didn’t know existed yesterday. To put it in brief perspective, yesterday, I truly believed that I hit every room—though definitely not every booth—during my time perusing the venue. Today, though, I literally found probably a million square feet of additional booth space in rooms and areas of the center I’d never stepped foot into. When I say a million additional square feet, I’m being serious. It was absolutely bananas.

In those newfound areas, I found what I think has been some of the coolest gear I’ve seen yet at the show. In one booth, I found a product named “Dark Energy,” which is a waterproof, drop-proof, and crush-proof portable electronics charger. It is about the size of an iPhone and is much smaller and lighter than the portable charger I currently have. They market the charger towards special forces and law enforcement personnel. Still, Dark Energy is something that I believe everyone could benefit from having with them (now that I read that last sentence out loud, it does sound a bit weird that I’m promoting  “dark energy,” but you all know what I mean). Check back in over the next few weeks for a gear review of Dark Energy. I believe it was one of the more everyday useful items I found at SHOT on day 2.

Dark Energy’s drop-proof, waterproof, crush-proof portable charger. (Dark Energy)
Dark Energy’s drop-proof, waterproof, crush-proof portable charger. (Dark Energy)

Another awesome piece of gear I found was the Hydratek amphibious vehicle. According to its website, Hydratek vehicles “have been used to move people and supplies during the Mississippi River Floods of 2010 & 2011, the Missouri River Flood of 2011, Tropical Storm Lee, Hurricane Joaquin, the Great Baton Rouge Flood, and Hurricane Harvey.” This vehicle is definitely for you, whether you are in the pipeline industry, part of a law enforcement agency, or just an eccentric millionaire.