For my final day at the 2018 SHOT Show, I opted to disregard my practical approach to the gear on display and instead go on the hunt for just the coolest, most interesting stuff I could find. Sure, I may not have a legitimate reason to need to reverse-repel up to the ceiling of my house, and I may not have plans to devote an entire room to building a virtual range… but there’s nothing wrong with a little window shopping. In many ways, that’s what SHOT is all about.

On the main convention floor, you can find offerings from just about every name in the tactical or hunting markets, including tried and true standbys like Kershaw, Glock, Ruger, and Buck – but you can also find the sort of stuff that most folks outside the tactical world may not be particularly savvy to. One significant for instance, would be a piece of gear I could really only describe as a real life approximation to Batman’s grappling gun – a system designed to help individuals or even groups of geared up operators to quickly cover vertical distances. The Australian gentlemen operating the booth were great guys, and after I took their set up out for a spin, we asked if they had already secured any government contracts.

They hadn’t secured a contract with the U.S. military, but they were proud to report that they were already equipping “Tier One” Chinese special operations units. To be honest, I might have left that part out when trying to market a piece of equipment to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran that now makes his living analyzing international security issues.