Hi everyone. Strange times at the SHOT show this year a lot of clamor about the 2nd Amendment. It’s sure to be another record year for gun sales as people are rushing out and buying anything that isn’t tied down. Jack and I both think that more feel good legislation is coming down the pipe (e.g. 8-round magazines..really people?). Obama can also ban (he alone can do this) the import of foreign gun parts. Sure he’s a lame duck but he also has his legacy to consider with regard to this issue. It’s complicated and hard to have an intelligent talk about gun rights in American that’s for damn sure.

The SHOT show for me is more about networking and catching up with old/new friends than anything else. There was nothing groundbreaking in the way of innovation this year. Massif is finally kicking in with my clothing line and I’m excited about that. It probably will not hit big box shelves until the Fall. Most established companies I spoke with (HK-LWRC-Surefire-Glock-Blaser, etc) were just dealing with supply chain issues, and trying to make stuff to keep up with the demand. Surefire was 100,000 magazine orders behind.

The only innovative thing I saw at this years show was the SOFREP girls! Speaking of that, we’re developing a kick ass deck of cards with six lucky ladies who are taking it off for the SOFREP readership.  Two Jokers and the Aces…More on that later but you should see it in our store in March/April at the latest. I can’t wait to ship a box of these cards to the guys overseas.

Have a great weekend-