SOFREP has partnered with Escape the Wolf and their Predator series to bring you articles that address an increased threat environment in the US and abroad. In May we will offer a boosted membership that will allow our Team Room members to tap into Escape The Wolf programs at discounts made available exclusively for our community. With this partnership you will be able to tap into the top experts in the world on a regular basis when considering how to better protect yourselves and your family.

Brandon Webb, Editor

From Escape The Wolf

What makes us unique and our articles invaluable are our bench of Professional Predators and debriefed bad guys. Our lessons collect bad guy dirty tricks and professional tactics combined together to provide a capability for our members. Basically, each lesson will give you a capability NOT a familiarization. Whether its cyber threats, active shooters, rapist or murderers – we will cover the counter tactics.

Predator: Cullen TenEyk: Joint Special Operator, Global Shooter of Bad Guys and extremely professional predator of all enemies to the United States.