It’s pretty safe to say that most Spec Ops/SOF guys have no inner monologue.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the road with the guys and some single Team Guy will say out loud “boy, I would really like to rip our waitress’s clothes off.” This would be alright if she wasn’t standing right there of course.  This lack of inner monologue only gets worse when you add beer to the mix. Enjoy.

Shit Navy SEALs Say

It pays to be a winner: A term often used by SEAL instructors to explain that if you don’t “put out” during exercise until you puke or pass out, that it will only get worse.  They aren’t lying and it took me a few weeks of being on the Goon Squad (a painful club of extra beatings and torture) to figure this out.

It sucks to be you (or insert “him”): This is a term of endearment and empathy towards fellow SEALs.  It usually means some poor SEAL student getting his a** handed to him (often whispered among fellow classmates) or some poor bastard that just swam over the beach, unpacked his waterproof bag for a change out and realized he forgot his boots (15 mile click in wetsuit booties to follow).