SilencerCo has come out with some pretty innovative stuff lately; the Maxim9 was a hot topic when it was revealed. Despite all the hype around it I still feel that the Osprey was probably the most practical and unique thing to come out of the suppressor community in a long time. It’s probably the best pistol suppressor on the market when it comes to bang, or lack thereof, for your buck in my opinion. MSRPing around $900-$800, it’s an incredibly good value for the money. Each suppressor comes with a take down tool and a pouch for transport.

By raising the suppressor’s bore axis, it eliminates the need for tall sights on a pistol which can cost shooters an extra $120 and that design alone is enough to make it an excellent choice when choosing to suppress a handgun. While this feature is not compatible with all pistol models and shapes, it certainly improves the field of view. The booster, which is a sort of spring system connected to the mounting interface of the suppressor that aids in recoil reduction and overall performance, is easily disassembled for cleaning and routine maintenance. The threaded portion of this features a rotating lock-down system allowing the shooter to achieve precise alignment between the suppressor and firearm; this can also be swapped out for different thread sizes and calibers provided they are compatible. Beyond that the baffles are contained and cannot be removed by the end-user but with SilencerCo’s customer service, they will happily repair the internals should any damages occur. That being said, the Osprey is am incredibly well-built and designed system that performs superbly and is easy to use.

The following is some footage I took while testing the Osprey out with an HK USP45, the first mag I was using +P ammunition and the second mag is with Magtech 230gr standard ball rounds.