MSN, Times of India, and other media outlets are reporting internet rumors that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been put under house arrest, amidst a coup by the military in response to two former ministers being sentenced for corruption last week.

Missing from these rumors is the substantiation of Chinese troops mobilizing to seize key points of the government, like the Xinhua Gate, at the entrance of the Zhongnanhai compound, where the leadership of the Chinese Communist party lives and works. It is also where Xi Jinping lives as well.

The rumors are based on reports of canceled civilian flights in some parts of China and the fact that Xi has not been seen in public since returning from the Shanghai Cooperation Summit last week.

That really isn’t enough to make for a coup in our estimation.  Especially when there aren’t western or even Asian journalists all over China  filing reports of troops in the streets to quell mass demonstrations, mass arrests of Xi loyalists and key government buildings being seized by the military.  You know, the stuff that happens in military coups?

It could be the weather that canceled the flights,  and Xi could just be too busy to make public appearances. He might have COVID, who knows?

The accounts on Twitter spreading this #chinacoup rumor all seem to be anonymous accounts with small followings and not those with any clout or credibility as sources of information inside China, which is where you would expect such reports to originate from.

We think it’s a good example of how news reports are sometimes forcing disparate facts are forced together to satisfy the wish-think of Xi being forced from power.  “Some flights have been canceled in China and Xi has not appeared in public for a week?  This could only mean a military coup has replaced him!”

The sad truth is that Xi seems to have a pretty firm grip on power in his own country and is probably going to be handed another 5 year term in October by the Communist party.