The Gaza Strip

The ongoing fighting in the Gaza Strip has seen intensified efforts by the Axis of Resistance, primarily aimed at undermining the Israeli political will and the morale and resources of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Their strategy includes targeting the IDF’s capabilities near Gaza and challenging Israel’s military operations.

Significant developments include the IDF’s advance to the al Shifa Hospital’s vicinity amid concerns over Hamas’ alleged use of the hospital for military purposes. Despite Israeli forces reaching the hospital’s gates, they have not entered the building. Nearby, the al Quds Brigades, linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, have engaged in combat with Israeli forces.

ISW Gaza Map
Graphics used with permission from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Fuel supply issues have further complicated the situation at al Shifa Hospital. Hamas reportedly refused to accept fuel from Israeli forces intended for the hospital. The IDF left fuel nearby, but Hamas allegedly prevented hospital staff from retrieving it. Claims suggest Hamas might be using this fuel for its operations.

Israeli forces have expanded their operations in other parts of Gaza. In the al Nasr neighborhood, they have conducted arrests and raids, targeting Hamas infrastructure embedded within civilian areas. This includes schools and mosques, indicating the challenges of urban warfare in densely populated areas.