In recent events surrounding the Gaza Strip, multiple developments have evolved involving Israeli and Palestinian forces. Here is what we have to date. 

Gaza war map
Graphics used with permission from The Institute for the Study of War.

Israeli Military Activities

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), specifically the 36th and 162nd Divisions, have intensified their operations in Gaza City, focusing on areas like Zaitoun, Jabalia, Sheikh Ijleen, and Rimal. They are encountering resistance from Hamas, particularly in neighborhoods like Jabalia, where Hamas has a significant presence.

Palestinian Militias’ Response

Palestinian militias, including the al Quds Brigades of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the al Qassem Brigades of Hamas, have actively engaged Israeli forces. Their tactics include using anti-tank rockets, RPGs, and small arms. They have mainly targeted Israeli advancements in Gaza City’s neighborhoods.

Civilian Evacuations and Humanitarian Efforts

The IDF has advised civilians in specific Gaza City neighborhoods to evacuate, presumably to minimize civilian casualties. Additionally, Israel has taken steps to provide humanitarian aid, such as supplying water and food to al Shifa Hospital, a key medical facility in the region.

Clashes and Resistance Tactics