When I was younger, I had a “Girls of Hawaiian Tropic” poster on my wall. If you are a U.S. male between the ages of eight and 80, you probably know these posters. As a teenager, that poster was better than coffee to wake me up in the morning! You might ask, what does this have to do with VA disability and skin cancer? Well, it will become clear soon.

I knew if I ever wanted to date one of those girls, I would need a tan. However often I tried, I could not get my skin to have that tanned, bronze glow. Probably because I am of English and Scottish ancestry, with a little Eastern Europe thrown in for that all-over pelt look.


Playing With Fire

When I was growing up, skin cancer had not been discovered yet.  No one in my family, friends, nor acquaintances used sunscreen, and I’m not sure anyone had ever even heard of it. I had never heard of the VA either, except for my grandfather’s rants. I know they were out there, but while the VA sounded bad that tan sounded awesome!