Everything, it seems, has been shut down in an attempt to curtail the spread of COVID-19. So it seemed like a really bad time to hold a fundraiser for cancer this past Sunday. 

But things have a way of working out. While no one could have predicted what is now transpiring with the virus’ spread and the near-panic that has been gripping the world, in the end, everything worked out well and the small-town fundraiser was more successful than we could have hoped, or even planned for. 

Flashback to about a month ago. I live in a small bucolic town in central Massachusetts and was attending our bi-monthly Board of Selectmen meeting. They were discussing the tentative plans for a new police and fire station. And they called on the Chief of Police Don Desorcy to update them on the planning process. 

I’ve known Chief Desorcy for a number of years. In fact, I used to be next-door neighbors with his mother-in-law. We grew close and through her, I got to know the chief himself. I had covered local news for the small newspaper in town and always had very positive interactions with Desorcy. He’s everything you want in a police chief and a dedicated public servant. He has not only grown up in the town but has been a member of the department for over 30 years. He was planning on retiring in January of 2021.