Everyone knows that the Arctic is a big land filled with oil, natural resources and, most importantly, water.  It is also the ground of future warfare – the Russian and the Chinese both have their eyes fixed on the rich environment the Arctic’s resources could provide them, while Canada has been claiming most of it through the UN. The confrontation is, in my opinion, imminent, especially with the current oil and gas crisis.

But will the Arctic Warfare be fought as a mass warfare? I really don’t think so!

In fact, I think it will be fought under the famous US Army’s small unit tactics, and by SOF teams. Before going in-depth, here’s the definition of Small Units Tactics: Small unit tactics is the application of United States Army military doctrine for the combat deployment of platoons and smaller units in a particular strategic and logistic environment.

Most people I talk with think that Arctic Warfare will look like a scene from the old Red Dawn movie, when the Russian paratroopers mass drop into the US. Of course, there are nonoe building in the North, but you get the point.