“State of terror prevailed among the IS ranks after the death of Al-Muhajer; they randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants while searching for the sniper,” one source said.

This is beautiful.

Daesh has been running rampant through the Libyan city of Sirte. Buildings have been marked as “property of IS,” and many residents of the city have been fleeing. Some of those who fled are reporting that Daesh had been imposing strict laws, which includes the banning of young men from wearing tight pants, of all things.

A report from Libya confirms that an Islamic State commander, Abu Anas Al-Muhajer, was assassinated by a sniper within the city of Sirte. Al-Muhajer was of Sudanese origin. No group has claimed responsibility for the sniper shot, although it was clearly part of a well-planned and well-executed attack.

This type of assassination seems to be occurring more frequently against members of Daesh leadership.

Watch this video of a Daesh fighter who gets killed by a sniper round—from the view of a camera he was wearing.