Here’s the follow-up video to my post, Former Special Operations Sniper Cross Trains With Olympic Shooter Amanda Furrer.

In that post, I recounted the experience that Amanda and I had shooting at distance:

“We set out a target 1,100 yards (1005.84 meters, 0.625 miles). A shot at this distance is definitely something to be proud of. To put it into perspective, it would take the average adult male 12-15 minutes to walk 1100 yards, and approximately one minute to drive that distance.

In this video, you’ll see Amanda take the shots that beat her former record by over 600 yards.

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with some of the best precision shooters in the world and all of them will say the same thing: A shot placed on a target 1,100 yards away isn’t an easy task. To place a small projectile the size of the tip of your pinky finger on a target over half a mile away takes more than mathematics; you also need to take Mother Nature into consideration. Humidity, altitude, density altitude, barometric pressure, wind, temperature, etc., all come into effect at this distance. For an Olympic shooter, this distance stretches far beyond their standard 50 meter range.

For military snipers, a first-round impact on a target beyond 1,100 yards is a fairly low percentage shot, around just 15-20% accuracy using standard military ammunition, but accuracy usually reaches about 65-70% on the second shot. And as you see here, Amanda nailed it!

My hat is off to this Olympian!