Yeah, a lot of that going around apparently.  According to Ft. Benning’s newspaper, The Bayonet, Ranger School is struggling to fill its openings for Army Sergeants.  This is surprising, as Ranger School was essentially established to train Army NCOs in infantry tactics and leadership before sending them back to mother Army.  In this way, their new skill sets would diffuse amongst soldiers throughout the entire military.

The Bayonet is now reporting that Ranger School is experiencing a deficit of over 80% for the number of NCO’s who should be attending, a number that is only expected to grow.

Ranger School is regarded by many to be the Army’s toughest training course.  “Not for the Weak or Fainthearted”, as the sign says as you approach Camp Darby at Ft. Benning, Georgia.  Wearing the gold and black Ranger Tab on your uniform is a point of pride, an indication that you met the Ranger standard, leading patrols through mangrove swamps in Florida and the Appalachian mountains in Dahlonega, Georgia.  All patrols must receive a passing grade while under the diligent supervision of Ranger Instructors, or RI’s.