Alright gents.  Iced Earth is very personal to me and a lot of SEALs.  The YouTube song below was written about the SEAL Teams and is titled “Green Face”.

Chorus: “On Land and the Air and Sea, we’ll be where the metal meets the meat” 

My friend Turbo invited me over to Jon Schaffer’s (the bands founder; pictured far left) house one muggy Indiana summer evening.  We were running a sniper course in Indiana right around the corner from Jon’s house. He and Turbo are very close friends, Jon actually has a necklace of the soviet bullet that was embedded in Turbo’s leg (He would eventually choose to amputate it) after being shot during the Robert’s Ridge mission in Afghanistan. Turbo would later go on to re-deploy 10 months after his below the knee amputation.  He’s a hard mother fucker and was one of the best sniper instructors I’ve ever worked with.

Jon’s band is legit and great pre “op” music to get you fired the fuck up.  Keep rocking Jon, and we look forward to some more great stuff.