“Whether the call is for foreign or domestic support, we always answer. Members of various SOF units around the country are deploying to Texas in support of the relief efforts happening due to #HurricaneHarvey.” U.S. Special Operations Command verified along with this image of USSOCOM personnel arriving in Texas to assist in rescue operations.

We have 12 Airmen who went out in motorboats (Tuesday) morning, patrolling in Pearland and Friendswood looking for ‘opportune rescues’ – people who are trapped in their homes or on rooftops because of the flooding,” said Maj. Aaron Zamora, director of operations for the Kentucky Air Guard’s 123rd Special Tactics Squadron. “Once the residents are safely in the boats, our Airmen are providing medical care if needed and transporting them to the nearest shelter.”

Special Operations troops are not only assisting in the rescue effort, but are also working to clear and secure local air strips and landing zones for aircraft.


Image courtesy of Facebook