For a group of people who purport to hate us so much, they sure do go for Western style.  Look closely, and you’ll see he is wearing Mechanix gloves. Hell, his “Airborne” patch is even in English. You’ll never catch one of our guys rocking one of those in Farsi.  To be fair, we (along with British SAS) did train the Iranians a good bit during the Cold War and they’ve seemed to have carried on the culture here and there.



Who are the Fatehin?

The Fatehin, not your garden-variety goons, are the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) shadow warriors with skills sharpened beyond the Basij’s rabble. These are Tehran’s new breed of midnight marauders, dressed to kill in official regalia, stalking the cityscape with a predator’s grace. The word “Fatehin” itself translates to “conquerors.”

Spawned in the dark alleys of 1999’s Meqdad district, these airborne specters were the brainchild of West Tehran’s Basijis. They were an answer to a whisper in the wind, a call for a more sinister, cohesive strike force within the Basij’s chaotic ranks.

Commander Mahmoud Hashemi, a man who’s seen the darkness and danced with the devil, spilled the beans to the Tasnim news agency in 2020. He spoke of the unit’s birth from the shadows of July 9, 1999, a time when the Basij’s security complex was a headless beast, craving direction and deadly precision.

Their baptism by fire came a year later, as Tehran’s streets boiled over with the anniversary angst of ’99. Under the steely gaze of Tehran’s command base, the Fatehin descended like dark angels of death wherever the flames of revolt flickered.