Today’s SOF Pic of the Day features operators from the Belgian Special Force Group or SFG, a tier-one unit. They were training in the USA in 2014 at the time the photo was taken.

When I first looked at this pic, something seemed a bit off…that’s right, they are all wearing different uniforms!  For those of you who absolutely must know, here are their different types of camo (Left to Right): Belgian Jigsaw, Pencott Badlands, SloCam pants, and a Belgian Jigsaw top, generic Belgian desert camo, Multicam, and last but not least, Belgian Jigsaw pants with a Kryptek Nomad top.

The unit is modeled closely after the British SAS and their primary tasks consist of special reconnaissance, direct action missions, and military assistance.  Military assistance is supporting and influencing friendly assets by training, mentoring, and advising and is practiced extensively by the US Army Special Forces.

Belgian operator with SCAR
A Belgian SFG operator and his SCAR rifle in Jordan, November 2014. Photo from Wikimedia Commons


SFG in Action