Normally I don’t publish blurry, slightly fish-eyed photos for the Pic of the Day, but when the subject matter is Delta Force taking out the head of ISIS, the most wanted terrorist in the world, there is room for exceptions.  I mean, it would have been kind of tough to get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to stand still for a selfie that day. At least pre-mortem.

SOFREP drawing of Delta
SOFREP original art.

On October 26, 2019, US special operations forces, led by Delta, hunted him down in his compound in Barisha, Syria, and helped to purge him forever from this mortal coil. I say “helped” because Al-Baghdadi took himself out after clacking off a suicide vest once he saw no way out.  In doing so, the bastard also took out two of his children, who were with him at the time.

Here we have some video of the operation released by the Pentagon. After al-Baghdadi killed himself, we conducted a sophisticated biological examination of his remains to confirm his identity.  Once established, US forces proceeded to destroy the compound from the air to deny the enemy its further use.