Here we see Geo Hand with the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) getting a good sight picture and putting rounds downrange with his 1911.  He tells us this was somewhere in Alaska.

He first included this photograph as part of a story he wrote for SOFREP back in 2021 entitled “Former Delta Operator: Why the 1911 Is Still My Favorite Sidearm”. It’s a good read.  In it, he jokes that operators would often refer to any 9mm pistol as a “sub-caliber” device.

Geo tells us:

“Yes, the M-1911 is the pistol of choice in Delta, where there is never any guilt or pretense for its killing/stopping power. Yeah, though it is a beast to control, the pay-forward of the gat is rewarding.”

Here we see Geo (left) on that same Alaskan range watching as Senior Engineer Sergeant Dave Royer fires his M1911 pistol. Image courtesy of Geo Hand.