In today’s SOF Pic of the Day, Staff Sergeant Robert James Graham is shown with his bow in Vietnam.  If you look carefully, you can see that Graham is clutching it with his right hand.

Graham wasn’t just any old regular grunt; he was a MACV-SOG commando during his time in Vietnam. And he didn’t pick up that bow in country; he wrote a letter back home to a buddy in Canada requesting that he send him his 55lb recurve bow and arrows tipped with razor-sharp broadhead arrow tips. His friend complied, giving him a silent option to use in taking out enemy fighters.

The bow is shown in today’s photo and discussed in the video below. It was used during a recon mission in the Fishhook area of Cambodia, some 50 miles northwest of Saigon.

Graham passed away in April 2023. He retired from the service as an E-6 and was awarded 5 Bronze Stars (4 with V Device), 2 Purple Hearts, and 2 Air Medals.  Graham was also the recipient of the rare Presidential Silver Pistol Award.