The Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla’s UDT/SEAL units were recently spotted with the latest SNT Motiv K13 carbines, marking the first instance of such elite forces in South Korea seen with these advanced firearms.

The K13 carbine, an innovative weapon based on AR principles and utilizing a gas piston system, also features a CGS Group Helios QD suppressor. Known alternatively as the STC-16, the K13 emerged victorious in trials over the Dasan Machineries DSAR-15PC, a South Korean variant of the CAR-816, to secure its place in the military’s arsenal.

The initial procurement of 1,700 K13 units represents a strategic upgrade from the older Daewoo K1A carbines previously employed by special operations forces across the South Korean Army, Navy, and Air Force. Furthermore, South Korea is pursuing an ambitious plan to bolster its special forces’ capabilities with an additional 20,000 carbines, with the K13 being a prime candidate in this ongoing selection process.