I’ll be damned if Taylor Swift isn’t everywhere these days.  Ok, this pic was taken in 2018, so it isn’t exactly hot off the presses, but it is new to you and me, and you know what I mean.  Perhaps Thomas Swift was manning this weapon, or perhaps whoever it was is a huge “Swiftie”; the world will never know and I certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it.

What I find more interesting is the guy rockin’ the SAW to the right of Swiftie (you just know that would be his nickname for life). If you close your eyes, you can hear the cacophony of rounds heading down range interspersed with the occasional “Get some!!, Get some!!” (maybe that’s more likely to come from the Marine Corps, but I digress).  And no, he’s not “blind firing”; that’s what the Taliban did. He’s suppressing the enemy with a high volume of fire.

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