The media circuit has been going crazy following yesterday’s accusation by the Afghan government that United States special operations forces (reported as “Special Forces” by media outlets) have gone rogue in Afghanistan’s Wardak province and are torturing and murdering innocent civilians. The accusation was immediately followed by a presidential order from Hamid Karzai himself demanding that all U.S. special operations forces are to leave Wardak within two weeks.

Links to the CNN and BBC articles.

I got in touch with a Special Forces soldier who is part of an Operational Detachment – Alpha (ODA) team currently operating out of Wardak. According to the soldier, he is in “the middle of this shit storm,” which is nothing more than a propaganda campaign of false accusations targeted towards the Afghan President in order for him to rid the Taliban of their number one nuisance in Afghanistan – the might of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).  It is no secret that special operations, with the help of our intelligence agencies, have done the most damage to Taliban forces, as well against their al-Qaeda and Haqqani Network allies, since the war began more than a decade ago.

I reached out to a close friend serving with the 3rd Special Forces Group who recently returned from a deployment to the Wardak Province. When asked about the significance of that region he informed me that the Province is an important strategic hub for the Taliban which is often used by their forces to conduct operations in the capital city of Kabul.