SOF Support, the nonprofit foundation that offers support to the Special Operations Forces of the U.S. military, is marking the 19th anniversary of the beginning of military operations in Afghanistan by launching an exclusive online auction. The auction will feature one-of-a-kind travel, memorabilia, and other kinds of unique experiences for all types of people and not just for the hardcore Special Operations types. 

The SOF Support auction began at 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 7; it will close at 11 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The complete list of available auction items is available at

SOF Support’s largest event and biggest fundraiser, the annual Del Mar Country Club Golf Tournament and Dinner-Gala, was canceled this year due to the coronavirus. Thus, the auction will provide a meaningful and fun way to connect virtually with the foundation’s most ardent supporters.

SOF Support Chairperson Dominique Plewes had the following to say regarding the anniversary:

“It’s almost unfathomable to think that our Special Operations Forces have been laying their lives on the line for 19 years. Many of these families have had children who have grown up knowing nothing other than their father going off to war. People should just take a moment and reflect back over all that has happened in their life in the last 19 years and then think about what it would have been like if a member of their family was essentially at war that whole time. So even though we couldn’t gather in person this year, it became even more important for all of us to create a memorable event experience for everyone who has generously has supported SOF Support in order that we can continue to look after our Special Operations Forces and their families.”

“Just to provide some context of how long our elite warriors have been deployed, 19 years ago, Apple opened its FIRST retail store, The Sopranos was a hit television show, everyone was talking about getting one of those new phones with a camera, and a strange new music device called the iPod, not to be confused with an iPad, was the rage.  It’s been that long.”

Among the auction items are one-of-a-kind trips to some of the world’s most iconic locations, including Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, South Africa, and New Zealand. There are also a host of trips within the U.S. to choose from, including visits to California’s wine country and the opportunity to play several of the state’s most exclusive golf courses.