Jack was first to strike when the controversial book “No Easy Day” broke headlines. The author Matt Bissonette himself called me up to explain things from his perspective. I personally don’t have anything against Matt but my opinion is that his timing was poor, and he’s since left a trail of bodies and upset folks, including Mark Bowden (similar to his pen name Mark Owen) who by his own account felt betrayed by his communication with Bissonette.

In Matt’s defense, he was there and Bowden was not. It’s ironic to me that journalists and writers can gain access, write books, but if a former SOF guy gets out and wants to write his story it is often looked down upon (albeit briefly).

Bissonette’s book is in a different category altogether as it is seen as a violation of his disclosure agreement with the Department of Defense.  I’ve never seen my own community so divided over this book and a plethora of invited and uninvited media.  A wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” I think this would resonate within the NSW leadership right now.

Enjoy #4 on our list.