We are pleased to announce that SOFREP 300 member ‘SnapRoll99W’ is the winner of the RESCO BlackFrog watch, per the giveaway that we announced during the promotion of The SOFREP 300. This is a limited edition watch built by my teammate Rob “Smitty” Smith AKA RESCO Actual.

SOFREP shipped the watch to Snap today, and we hope to have a nice picture featuring said watch worn proudly by our winner.

In the interest of fair disclosure, our process to select the winner was anonymous.

Our 300 was fully subscribed in 24 hours, and me and the guys want to say thank you to all our members for your support. We look forward to some more insane giveaways this year as our way of saying thank you to the community members at SOFREP.

We look forward to seeing all of our Team Room and 300 members at the annual party in Las Vegas this year. Look for the RSVP sign up to come later this month. The annual SOFREP party is a great way for all of us to visit with one another, and we’ll have some special guests in attendance. Also, if you ask some of the plank owners that attended last year, we also raffle off some pretty f’ng cool stuff. So don’t feel left out if you missed the RESCO.


President, Force12 Media