Sorry to have to show you such a cringe-worthy “pic of the day.” The more I looked at this, the more uncomfortable I became. However, as time passed, the photo became a metaphor for US/Israel relations: close but awkward, with Joe wanting to back up a little.

Uncle Joe

Is Biden Playing for Both “Teams”?

President Biden’s navigation of the Israel-Hamas conflict demonstrates a less than nuanced approach where he has been seen as playing both sides to varying degrees. Here are some key points and how I see it:

Support for Israel:

Biden‘s visit to Israel during a turbulent time showcased a strong alliance with the country. His actions, like hugging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressing grief alongside Israelis affected by Hamas attacks, reinforced this stance.

He also backed Israel’s stance regarding a controversial hospital explosion in Gaza, attributing it to “the other team” rather than Israel. Dammit, I hate when he refers to warring factions as “teams.” War is not a game, Sir. Furthermore, under his administration, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions on two senior Hamas officials to block their financial channels.

His rhetoric has been seen as supportive of Israel, with Congress members and certain factions appreciating this stance, albeit leading to criticism from others like Rep. Ilhan Omar, who expressed (what you could very generously call) frustration over what she perceived as one-sided support for Israel during the conflict.

President Biden Urges Restraint When Dealing With Hamas