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Editor’s Pick for Book of the Week – Before Top Gun Days: The Making of a Jet Fighter Instructor

F14 Tomcat
The F-14 Tomcat. Original illustration by SOFREP

Becoming the Best Doesn’t Happen Overnight; You’ve Got To Work for It.

Before becoming an instructor in the Navy’s Topgun program, Dave “Bio” Baranek was just another kid with a dream. Upon graduating from college, he joined the Navy with the goal of becoming a fighter pilot. But, his eyesight waning, he knew that he would never be able to reach that goal. Undaunted, he plowed ahead and found his niche as a radar intercept operator in the backseat of the sleek, new Grumman F-14 Tomcat.

Dave Baranek
Dave “Bio” Baranek. Image courtesy of Facebook.

Join Baranek in Before Topgun Days as he takes you along for this greatest, most exciting time of his young life: training to become a naval flight officer. Taking place before the events recounted in his previous memoir, Topgun Days, Baranek brings to life the anxieties and excitement of entering the fast-paced world of fighter jocks. From a green recruit to an experienced flyer, discover what it takes to become a Topgun instructor.

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