Hey everybody, I wanted to get back with you on the Member Support front. The past few weeks since we switched to the subscription model have been ‘just a bit more hectic’ than things normally are around SOFREP HQ. People joined in droves and problems started coming at us on all fronts: new membership system, former subscribers weren’t recognized by the new system, my inbox started to look like the bad old days at Military.com….

Our first step was to get a dedicated Member Support website. We did this to improve communications with you guys, and also so we could help you proactively resolve anything without waiting for us. That’s been working ok, and it’s something that we’ll improve on at every opportunity.

The second thing we did was to create a Release Notes section to keep you up to date on all the latest developments. This is a good vehicle to let all subscribers know what’s going on around here, and I hope this gives you a good insight into what we’re doing. I intend also to add a product roadmap at some point, so you can see what we want to do, and even offer your ideas/influence to our offerings.

And of course, the EXCITING development – we hired a real live Support Manager! Ashley is on board helping you resolve any issues you might experience with the website. I’d love to ask you to pop over and hang out with her, but she’s busy (unfortunately) fixing my errors. In the ideal world, Ashley would be BORED because SOFREP members just don’t need support cuz everything works great. Sadly, we’ve had some growing pains and ‘learning opportunities’ along the way. Just know that when you have a problem on SOFREP, you’ve got Ashley ready to wield a big gun to get it resolved.

Thanks very much for your time on SOFREP and for your support. We hope to continue to earn your support and engagement every day.


(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS. Cpl. Lazaro Newhall, a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a crew chief with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), mans a .50-caliber machine gun while watching the sun rise over Helmand province, Afghanistan, July 27. Two CH-53D Sea Stallions from the squadron flew to several bases to deliver mail, food and transport troops to various locations.)