And then there’s this elephant in the room that most of the nation seems to be reluctant to point at and say “elephant.” It appears that the elephant is ANTIFA and BLM, who used the auspice of police brutality as a springboard to launch an all-out assault on persons of non-color. As a person of non-color, I’m pointing right at ANTIFA and BLM and saying: “Elephant.”

How in the south-central highlands of tarnation did it go from “the police are big meanies” to “hey, let’s tear down these statues of Columbus and Jackson because… well because they’re white?” So when the attack on American history is complete, where does that leave us; what’s next? I guess that leaves whitey himself as the last rung on that ladder.

I’m a white boy. That’s a term used by persons of color to refer to a person of non-color, but persons of non-color are not “permitted” to use the term in kind to refer to the folk of color.

It’s such a joke you know… people of color steadily reinventing the title they want everyone to start addressing them by, something that makes them sound more sophisticated and important. Sure, but you can dress a thing in silk, and still, it is what it is.

Ima head out to town tomorrow and tear down the statue of Martin Luther King Jr. I really hate to do it because I truly admire the brother! But I have to make my point, that point being… uh… um… well fuck it; Ima going ahead and just do it anyway — BAAAAAAAAMMMMM!


The cartoon was inspired by this real-life incident.