An important message from the CEO, Editors, and Staff of SOFREP:

As a platform dedicated to the insights, values, and perspectives of the military and veteran community, SOFREP understands the importance of strong, decisive leadership.

America has never been more divided as a country, and we need leadership that can inspire and unite, not divide and scare.

We believe that Nikki Haley embodies these qualities and offers a vision of American strength and integrity that is sorely lacking in these challenging times.

Through her experience as Governor of South Carolina and US Ambassador to the United Nations, Haley has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to America’s security and interests. Her understanding of global dynamics and recognition of the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families resonates deeply with our community.

Haley’s stance on reinforcing America’s defense capabilities, supporting our veterans, and maintaining a firm, principled foreign policy aligns with SOFREP’s values and our goals for this great nation.  We believe her leadership will usher in a new era of strength, respect, and dignity for America on the world stage.

It is because of these ironclad beliefs that SOFREP takes great pride in endorsing Nikki Haley for President of the United States, fully confident in her abilities to lead with the courage and determination demanded by these trying times.