Earlier this year, SOFREP reported exclusively for the first time how, 47 years ago, key members at a top-secret Green Beret compound in Da Nang failed to respond to three separate CIA warnings of “attack imminent” days before N. Vietnamese Army and local Viet Cong guerrillas launched a well-planned, well-executed sapper attack at FOB 4 on Aug. 23, 1968, killing 17 Special Forces soldiers—the most severe loss to that elite unit in the regiment’s 63-year history.

FOB 4 was one of six top-secret bases in operation at that time under the aegis of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, or simply SOG. After posting that exclusive report, SOFREP learned more details about that fateful night in Special Forces history and presented them in new, never-before published stories to its readers.

You can enjoy the entire series here: