It has now been one month since President Trump took to Twitter to announce an unexpected ban on transgendered service members from serving in the United States military. Since that time, officials at the Department of Defense had been operating in a vacuum, directing all questions concerning the policy back at the White House, who had yet to issue any definitive guidance with regard to the President’s Tweets, until last Friday.

The White House released a memo outlining a new policy on transgendered service members, barring transgendered individuals from joining the military outright, but leaving open the fate of currently serving transgendered troops to decisions further down the road.

Where does that leave the trans soldiers who have been marking time in our military formations, waiting on word if they’ll be allowed to stay?

Captain El Cook graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 2013, a place the former enlisted soldier never imagined he would find himself at. After spending a few listless years at a civilian college, El was racking up debt but didn’t seem to have any direction. Worried about his future, he opted to enlist in the Army.