The most elite warriors of the secret war during the Vietnam War, Green BeretsGreen BeretsGreen Berets and the North Vietnamese Army’s highly-trained killer teams met in Southeast Asia last week, in a meeting – naturally, cloaked in secrecy, SOFREP has learned.

For combatants on both sides of the deadly secret war, this meeting not only was one of unique historic significance for the soldiers, but it will also aid efforts by both governments’ pursuit of locating and identifying thousands of missing soldiers in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. As of Jan. 28, there are 1,601 Americans missing in SEA from the Vietnam War.

For SOFREP readers, imagine being a Green Beret fighting for several years in an eight-year secret war during the Vietnam War – so secret you can tell no one about it outside of the chain of command in the Military Assistance Group Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, or simply SOG.

Imagine being a Green Beret fighting in the triple-canopy jungles of Laos knowing that the enemy, the North Vietnamese Army had specially trained sapper teams with the primary mission to hunt, find and kill SOG recon teams – including your team.