In a world where traditional news sources pay to regurgitate AP and Reuters news, SOFREP takes pride in delivering original content on a daily basis. That said, occasionally we see a story that we just have to share with the community because it’s important to get the word out. What you are about to read is an example of what makes America great, and as you will read, we could use a few more citizens like Josh’s in the world.

Thanks to Marty Skovlund Jr. for sharing this story with us, and thank you to Josh for making America a better place.

-Brandon Webb, Editor


Often times the veteran community will lament about how the rest of America doesn’t understand us, or understand what we have done on their behalf. We see them more concerned with celebrities then they are about which service members gave the last full measure of devotion to their country. There are exceptions to the rule though. Every once in a while we come across a great American who not only recognizes the sacrifices of the warrior class, but also will go out of their way to thank us – often times with more than just words.

Meet Josh Landess. Josh is the store manager at Big O Tires in Colorado Springs, Colorado. On Saturday, April 5th, he had a woman he had never met before, Marie, walk into his store wondering if they had time (on what was a very busy Saturday for their shop) to take a look at her vehicle, which she thought might need a new tire. Marie had just lost her job due to an injury she sustained in a car crash, and was on a tight budget. Little did Josh know, Marie was praying the damages wouldn’t exceed more than a hundred dollars as that was all she had to spend on the vehicle.

Josh Landess' store, Big O Tires, on Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs, CO

Photo: Josh Landess’ store, Big O Tires, on Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs, CO

As they filled out the paperwork to bring the car in, Marie noticed a tattoo on Josh’s forearm that looked familiar. “My son has a punisher tattoo like that on his leg,” she said. Josh replied “Yeah, I got this in remembrance of a Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle, who was killed recently.” Marie went on to say that both of her sons served in the Ranger Regiment, and how proud she was of them. They made small talk, and it was clear that Josh was a big fan of the military and looked at them as heroes. They made room for her on the busy Saturday, and before long her vehicle was in the shop. Unfortunately, the damages to her vehicle were much worse than she expected. It was now a worst-case scenario. Josh came out to break the news, and informed Marie that if she had even hit a pothole wrong, one of her wheels could have came completely off. She was risking her life by even driving the vehicle, he informed her. Maries mind began to race, not knowing how she could possibly afford the expense. She thought to herself, with out a car, how will I possibly find a new job?

Without even skipping a beat, Josh said, “Don’t worry, we are going to take care of you.” And take care of her they did. Josh and his crew made thousands of dollars of repairs to the car, and it was all on the house because of the sacrifices she made as a military mother. It was all Marie could do to hold back tears, everything had been going wrong lately, but all of a sudden a complete stranger just did the nicest thing anyone could have done for her. Josh is someone who does not merely throw a yellow ribbon sticker on his car and say, “I support the troops.” Josh is a man of deeds, not just words. Not only were they giving her the required parts and labor, they were so busy that day they were literally turning customers away to do the work. They made room for her, even though it was no longer a paying job.

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