The situation here in Ukraine is one that is all too familiar with the promise of a new ceasefire that bears no weight.

I think the problem is that when we think of the word ceasefire in the west, we think “no shooting, period.” Well, here in Ukraine it’s a word that is used very loosely. It’s something to use to stall the west or even fool the Ukrainian population. Maybe even fool the western governments into thinking that the war down here is coming to a halt, that just maybe it can be solved diplomatically. Whatever the reason for this word being used in terms of this war in Ukraine the reality of it is this: it means nothing here and the fighting will continue regardless of how many western governments meet and try to solve this conflict.

My question is this, why stop a country from taking back what is rightfully theirs? By applying new ceasefire agreements every couple of months all we (the west) are doing is allowing the separatists some breathing space. Stop with BS ceasefire agreements and pick a side, back them with full support and let Ukraine do what it needs to do and win this war.