The situation here in Ukraine is one that is all too familiar with the promise of a new ceasefire that bears no weight.

I think the problem is that when we think of the word ceasefire in the west, we think “no shooting, period.” Well, here in Ukraine it’s a word that is used very loosely. It’s something to use to stall the west or even fool the Ukrainian population. Maybe even fool the western governments into thinking that the war down here is coming to a halt, that just maybe it can be solved diplomatically. Whatever the reason for this word being used in terms of this war in Ukraine the reality of it is this: it means nothing here and the fighting will continue regardless of how many western governments meet and try to solve this conflict.

My question is this, why stop a country from taking back what is rightfully theirs? By applying new ceasefire agreements every couple of months all we (the west) are doing is allowing the separatists some breathing space. Stop with BS ceasefire agreements and pick a side, back them with full support and let Ukraine do what it needs to do and win this war.

This has the potential to be the next Afghanistan, a war that will grow old and a war the people will lose interest in which may be a Russian tactic in of itself. Sure there are probably some good reasons out there not to back the Ukrainian government, but if we don’t all we are doing is proving that Russia can invade a country, take over, and kill thousands in the process. The world’s response is to do nothing because we don’t want to provoke the sleeping bear! For those who don’t know, it is awake and walking right into the camp. You got two options, run and live a little longer or put your tampon back in, sharpen a big stick, and stand your ground.

I mean when did we lose our salt and our grit.  Sure, our last couple of campaigns have not been great and we could’ve done better am sure of it. This is a campaign we need to get right. Russia is our enemy and we need to realize that. I know that might upset some of you out there, those guys that think maybe we can friends but it just does not work like that in the real world. If the west gave them the opportunity Russia would attack the west without question. Right now they are the schoolyard bully pushing their weight about to see if someone will stand up to them. If you kick his ass he will go into hiding, then the rest of the clowns will follow if they don’t want that kind of embarrassment.

Here is my take on this guys, we the west, not just the US and UK, but all of the west and our allies and friends to back the Ukrainian government. Whatever they need give them be it tanks, planes, helicopters, and deploy UN peacekeepers on the border with Russia to shut them down. Let the Ukrainian armed forces loose and retake their land from these separatists, if Russia throws a tantrum and tries to deploy its forces in retaliation then we know what side they are on.

If they are truly not interested in this war and are not backing the separatists than what difference is it to them? But if they try that move and they attack the UN then we need to stand our ground and have that fight that none of us want but is necessary! I don’t want a war with Russia but I know a bully when I see one and I know what needs to be done. Sure you can throw all the political BS at me but deep any man worth his salt knows that what I speak is the truth, I would love a different end to this situation but from where am sitting I just don’t see one.

Don’t get me wrong, Ukraine needs to know that to end this war, a lot more young men are going to die, and that once you board this train there is no getting off until the end. They will owe the west a huge debt not just in money but should we ever need their support in the future they will have to reciprocate. They must stop the corruption that has crippled their country in the past.

Russia is a threat and Ukraine needs some assistance.  We should give it to them, let us try to see beyond all this Islamic terrorism, and not let the sleeping bear gain some more ground on us.