The war drums of Israel can be heard rumbling in the distance but the sound is getting steadily louder.  It has been heavily reported that Israel will strike soon but when?  Iran’s nuclear scientists are disappearing at a reasonable rate, but assassinating a few smart guys is not enough to satisfy Israel…and large precision bombs will drop very soon.

Tel Aviv is a lot like Tehran on Friday nights


Israel and Iran, it’s a complicated situation for sure.  Add a youthful and interracial Israeli population (a lot have married into Palestine) who want to party and make peace with their neighbors, then mix in a hard-line fundamentalist religious administration and you get a mirror image of Iran.

Israel and Iran have a very similar situation fundamentally, and this draws some very interesting parallels to think about on both sides.

[pullquote_right]There’s a reason that most CIA compounds build the bar first, then focus on asset building.[/pullquote_right]I’d be willing to guess that if you threw a bunch of Israeli and Iranian twenty-somethings into a night club, turned the lights down and added some good house music, the religious barriers would crash down and people would get along just fine. It’s amazing what great music, open minds and few cocktails will accomplish.

So time will tell but we think Israel will drop bombs in 60 days or less. How do we know? A little blue and white bird told us.