A Rare Find

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have become fixtures on the modern battlefield. There are military and non-military versions of UAVs. They have become the “eyes in the sky” in Russia’s war with Ukraine, where neither side has established air superiority. In the past week, the Ukrainian military forced two Orlan series drones to land, taking possession of both. One was an Orlan series 10 drone, and the other was a less commonly encountered Orlan 30 series aircraft.


Here we see a short video (complete with a short soundtrack) of the Russian Orlan-30 drone captured recently by Ukrainian forces. It appears to be intact. Video from YouTube and Mujeeb Qamar

Gagadget.com reports that the Ukrainian Air Force captured both of the UAVs. However, they preferred to focus more on model 30 as they say the model 10 Orlans are “eliminated” almost daily.