That’s right – SOFREP is back.

What began in 2012 as a small military blog quickly grew into a leading source for all-things related to Special Operations Forces (SOF), Foreign Policy, and Defense news. In 2018, our editorial team saw an opportunity to expand beyond our SOF focus, so the decision was made to broaden our editorial direction by relaunching the site as NEWSREP.

Since that time, we’ve had success in terms of traffic and subscriptions. We’ve published more than 20,000 articles, and over 16 million of you have downloaded our podcast. We’re fortunate to have a loyal community that spans the globe. But despite our success, something was just missing – for all of us.

And now SOFREP is back and better than ever.

Our developers are working hard on all of the new features and integration components for the full site launch that will be ready in the coming weeks. All of our websites – including an additional article catalog of more than 12,000 gear reviews, SOF history pieces, and military aviation articles – are being consolidated into one completely redesigned site and mobile app that will be available soon. It will include featured categories such as News, Gear, Media (video & podcasts), Team Room & member forums, Store, and the #1 Gear Club in America – Crate Club.

One site to rule them all.

Our SOFREP Team Room subscription (aka SOFREP Mafia) is an exclusive online community for members looking for insider information, longform editorial, behind-the-scenes forums, and sneak peek video access. Visitors will have access to over seven years of archived SOF content along with more than 27-hours of Special Operations training, news, and documentary video programming. This includes exclusive footage of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Green Berets, British SAS, World War II Paratroopers, and Snipers – on demand anytime, anywhere.

Membership has its privileges, so sign up here if you’re not already a member. We are also offering a new military veteran discount to those qualified.

To sum it all up – we’re back doing what we do best, focusing on military grade content with a 100% military veteran editorial staff.

The SOFREP that you’ve all been demanding is back. Be on the lookout for exclusive interviews with VIPs from the SOF and military community, new video content, additional writers, and so much more in the coming months.

Welcome back to SOFREP. On time, on target.

Reunited and it feels so good. (DoD photo by Roger Wollenberg).