If I’ve learned one thing during my upbringing after leaving home at 16 and joining the SEAL Teams, and later becoming an entrepreneur it’s this: If you screw up, own up, admit the mistake, learn from it, and drive on.

Life is a series of mistakes we all can hopefully learn from and become better. I’ve made a TON of mistakes in my life, business, partners, relationships, writing, friends who I thought were friends but were not! I could write a book about it — maybe I will one day. I’ll call it, “How to F___ up and be a better Person!

So I owe you, the SOFREP reader, an apology. I already apologized to my team in our weekly team huddle. What did I get wrong? Taking advertising money for a political campaign. Specifically for Trump’s campaign.

We sent an email blast out, and after reading it, reading it again, getting criticized by my friends on social media and by SOFREP readers (some of the most vocal!), I realized what a mistake it was to dip our toes into political wastewater.