These MEK goons that the CIA is training on American soil are bad news.  JSOC shouldn’t be touching this project with a ten foot barge pole.  Read up on Brandon’s opinion piece that follows up on the breaking news from Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker.

Since the OBL raid there has been lots of speculation and many misconceptions thrown about regarding the top-level JSOC units.  This article written by SOFREP contributor Iassen fully fleshes out the differences, culturally and operationally, between SEAL Team Six and Delta Force.

You heard it here on SOFREP first.  When a bomb was dropped in the middle of the night with surgical precision on a meeting of high level terrorists in the Philippines, we knew the official story being put out was false.  It took the mainstream media about a month to catch up with us.

After attending a SOCOM brief, Brandon weighs in on some of the directions that Special Operations Command is moving in.  With commentary on Cyber-Warfare and often over looked long term strategies, SOFREP attempts to help flesh out some of the gaps in media coverage on these issues.

Duqu, a new Trojan virus hitting computers in Iran, Sudan, and Europe seems to be setting the conditions for the next Stuxnet-style attack on Iranian infrastructure…or maybe worse.  Read about it on SOFREP before it’s news.

Hafiz-Saeed-Jammat-jsoc-sofrepIs LeT going to become the next Al-Qaeda?  With the US government putting a bounty on the leader’s head, it certainly seems as if something is brewing behind the scenes.