Team Room – I wanted to thank you guys for your super fast and really positive support for us on this. We’ve got the testers we need for this round but we may need to reach out one more time prior to launching the new site. Thanks again!

Breaking News: This just in. is set to launch an imminent redesign…imminently! We’re at the 1th hour here and ‘the opposition’ is hard at work trying to figure out what we’re up to, as you can see in the recently captured spy photo above. We need to get this out the door but we don’t have testing capacity.

We need your help.

If you’ve got a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, or you log directly into our servers from your desk at the NSA, we sure could use 20 minutes of your time. We need people to take the new website for a test drive and look for things that are broken. The tasks are simple, the requirements easy, and the pay is grossly nonexistent, but you’ll get a hearty thank you and the satisfaction that comes from helping us to make SOFREP a better place for America.

Testing will be done from your location of choice between 2-4pm PACIFIC time, so if you want to do this you’ll need to be available within that window of time. (I need to get this done by 4pm so I can have things ready to code up at 5pm.)

To test, we’ll give you a simple form to fill out. You’ll be given somewhere between 4 and 10 URLs to look at, and asked to comment on general things that look broken: ‘Does the navigation work,’ ‘Does the ad show up,’ ‘Does the video play…’ Easy stuff like that. Broken is broken – we’re not looking for things you gotta find with a magnifying glass here. You’ll be asked to provide a quick summary of any errors you find, along with URL. And of course, we’ll need to know the type of device you use to access the website.

I have the Mac, iPhone 4s and iPad covered, but if you have these a second or third set of eyes won’t hurt. I desperately need people with iPad Mini, Windows variations, Kindle, Android and new Blackberry… We support IE9, IE10, and newer versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I’m not looking for Flock or other dead or niche browsers because we can’t support them.

People who are comfortable taking screenshots come to the front of the line!