Team Room – I wanted to thank you guys for your super fast and really positive support for us on this. We’ve got the testers we need for this round but we may need to reach out one more time prior to launching the new site. Thanks again!

Breaking News: This just in. is set to launch an imminent redesign…imminently! We’re at the 1th hour here and ‘the opposition’ is hard at work trying to figure out what we’re up to, as you can see in the recently captured spy photo above. We need to get this out the door but we don’t have testing capacity.

We need your help.

If you’ve got a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, or you log directly into our servers from your desk at the NSA, we sure could use 20 minutes of your time. We need people to take the new website for a test drive and look for things that are broken. The tasks are simple, the requirements easy, and the pay is grossly nonexistent, but you’ll get a hearty thank you and the satisfaction that comes from helping us to make SOFREP a better place for America.