My latest appearance on FOX News discussing interrogation techniques and the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

I personally think that there are more effective ways of getting information out of people than water boarding. Should it still be in the tool box? Would I use it if I thought it could save innocent lives. Yes to both. As I stated on the show, “sign me up”.

RE: Zero Dark Thirty. I thought the movie was horrible. I wasn’t expecting anything other than to be entertained (It’s a movie folks). I sure as Hell don’t expect too much these days out of the Hollywood sheep factory. My main issue was that the military scenes were un-authentic and portrayed the SEALs in an amateurish light. It was like watching a bunch of kids play laser tag on target (yelling, sweeping each other with lasers). Two thumbs down, and a water boarding for the cast and crew.


Main photo courtesy: How Things Work