Today’s Pic of the Day isn’t a photo at all; it’s a drawing. The drawing was made in April of 1953 by a CIA agent who first saw the AK-47 rifle. It was reportedly done from memory.

In April of 1953, a hush-hush report landed on the desks of the CIA, marking the first whispers of a weapon that would redefine modern warfare: the AK-47. This enigmatic “submachine gun,” first spied on the fringes of Leningrad, was destined to become an icon across continents, from the hands of East German forces to the guerrilla fighters in Angola.

This groundbreaking report, unearthed by Kalashnikov Media and later highlighted by The Firearm Blog, dates back to April 29, 1953. It was penned by a CIA operative who, against all odds, got an up-close look at this then-clandestine firearm – quite a feat considering the shroud of secrecy that enveloped it. Although the agent’s identity and other specifics were scrubbed from the document when the CIA flung open its archives to the public in January 2017, the essence of his observations remained intact.