In our pic of the day, we celebrate the anniversary of Chris Kyle‘s birthday, one day late. Chris was born on April 8th, 1974. He would have been 50 years old. Hard to believe.

While I never had the honor of personally knowing Chris, I’ve heard many first-hand stories about him. He was involved in the early days of SOFREP. Who knows what might have happened had the horrible events of February 2013 not taken place, but sadly, they did.

Brandon Webb Chris Kyle
SOFREP Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brandon Webb (Left) with Chris Kyle during Range Day at SHOT Show in January 2013.

To a Father With Love

Yesterday, Chris’s son Colton wrote a moving tribute to his Dad on Instagram. I’m reposting it here to share with all of you.

Today would have been your 50th birthday.

Today, I celebrate all that you were. You were kind, compassionate, thoughtful, patient, gracious, loving, disciplined, wise, protective, fun, playful, romantic, efficient, skilled, and most importantly, faithful. How you lived your life prepared me for the life ahead of me. Intentionally, you were an incredible father. Ironically, you seemed permanent, so significant and impactful that it was impossible to think of life without you in it. Unintentionally, stories that I could never experience firsthand of your life before me or in circumstances where I wasn’t present have shed light on your character outside of the father’s role. I continue to hear more stories of your playfulness, brilliance, empathy, or prowess. It inspires me to hold fast to our shared values and competitively, arrogantly, and selfishly to do better.

Your chivalry and passion for romance, or occasionally, lack thereof, moves me to be a better boyfriend and future husband.

Your great empathy moves me to care for those in need.

Your discipline and grit drive me to train, work, and learn harder daily.