In SOFREP’s Pic of the Day, we see a member of the National Guard of Ukraine with a UAR-10 sniper rifle.

Never heard of a UAR-10? Perhaps you know it by its other name, the Zbroyar Z-10.

About the Weapon

The Zbroyar Z-10 is an intriguing example of modern precision firearms engineering from Ukraine, aimed primarily at the sniper and precision shooting markets.

“Zbroyar” is the Ukrainian word for “weapon” or “arms.” It is also the name of the Ukrainian company that builds these firearms. They have been doing so since 2012 with this particular model, a variant of the ArmaLite AR-10.

Here’s a deeper look at its characteristics and features:

Calibers and Variants

The Z-10 is available in several popular calibers among precision shooters, such as 7.62 NATO and .338 Lapua Magnum. The choice of caliber affects the rifle’s range, stopping power, and suitability for different types of shooting disciplines or operational needs.

Accuracy and Performance

The Z-10 is designed for high accuracy, making it suitable for competitions and sharpshooting. Its performance is bolstered by a precisely machined action and a high-quality barrel, which can be free-floating to minimize any impact on barrel harmonics from the stock, thereby enhancing accuracy. It has an effective firing range of 800 meters (870 yards).

Construction and Materials

Zbroyar uses high-grade materials to construct the Z-10. The rifle typically features a steel receiver and a durable barrel, which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability under various conditions. The use of synthetic materials for the stock helps reduce weight and provides resistance against environmental factors like moisture and temperature variations.