On February 2nd, the war in Ukraine turned up a few notches. It would seem that the once frozen war is escalating back to the old days. With major shelling in Avdiivka and shelling near the port town of Mariupol. The Russian-backed rebels have some fire in their loins, and some people here in Kiev think this is down to the President Trump’s relationship with President Putin.

I was here in Kiev when Avdiivka was shelled heavily, I spoke with members of the Azov regiment, a unit I have worked with in the past. They have been active in and around Mariupol since day one. I asked them how do they feel about the renewed fighting? The answer was simple.

AZOV: “What renewed fighting? The fight has never stopped here.”

Jay: “What about the use of more heavy artillery like GRADs (multiple launch rocket system) which have not been seen this since 2014 /early 2015?”