Team Room, we’re moving SOFREP to a subscription model this Friday night, so I want to give you an update and let you know what to expect during the transition.


The shit is going CRAZY tonight, so we’re keeping Team Room open until the last possible moment before we need to lock up for the integration with SOFREP Dev and I are moving forward and think we’ll lock it up during the day on Friday.

On Thursday night, sometime after 6pm Pacific, we’ll make Team Room read-only. This means there will be no commenting or updates to the Forums. Shoutbox will be live and you’ll have access to read all the content, watch SOFREP TV videos and listen to SOFREP Radio shows, you just won’t be able to comment. This will allow us to export all the Team Room content and forums to the staging website.


On Friday night, y’all can take the night off. Get pizza with the family, go to the range, watch Oceans 11 again, anything you want. Because beginning at 4pm Pacific time, will also go read-only, and sometime before 9pm Pacific we’ll post a Maintenance page and take and Team Room offline. We’ll export recent SOFREP content and comments, and do a final synchronization of content and comments to the staging site and do all that developer magic that SOFREP Dev is so good at.

Then we copy the staging site to the live servers and voila, we’re back in business early Saturday morning.